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The mushrooming of Chinese eateries all across bears testimony to the tremendous popularity that the Far Eastern cuisine enjoys in this part of the world. In this process, however, something was lost. Lost was the actual essence of Chinese cuisine. Lost was the authenticity of the food from the mystic land.

This kindled a desire. A desire to restore the splendor of Chinese Cuisine. A desire to present Chinese food the way it should be. A desire to offer the most authentic of Chinese Cuisine. A desire to offer five star value at non-five star prices.

And it didn't take much time for people to realize the difference. The difference in what they were used to and what the restaurant offered.  And people came to swear by it. 


This high esteem that people have for Noble House was achieved through a consistent eye for detail. Whether it is the import of ingredients from China or the training of personnel, whether it is the artifacts for the décor or the master Chef's culinary trips to China, no stone is left unturned to upheld authenticity.




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